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Many vacationers flock to Florida's beaches for a week or two at a time. Others like to stay a month or more, enjoying the many attractions that the state has to offer. Monthly rentals offer a variety... more ››
Vrbo, which stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner, has 2 million home rentals around the world and promotes family-friendly getaways that inspire connection. It does not list individual rooms, but only... more ››

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Vrbo, like Airbnb, connects homeowners to guests looking for short-term vacation rentals. There is usually a set timeframe in which you can cancel and receive a refund.

Try searching without your check-in or checkout dates to find properties with more flexibility. This method can often result in better deals. Also, consider paying for your stay with a credit card that earns you travel statement credits.


Originally known as Vacation Rentals by Owner, Vrbo is an online marketplace that lists large spaces like whole houses, condos and apartments that are available for rent. The site is a great alternative to hotels, and offers more flexibility than traditional vacation houses. However, some of the booking procedures are not as streamlined. For instance, renting through VRBO often requires communication with the owner to book a space rather than an automated process like Airbnb, which allows guests to simply reserve a property.

During the off-season, Vrbo vacation home owners typically reduce their nightly rates due to lower traveler demand. In the winter, mountain destinations may see a similar trend. Travelers can enjoy a quieter holiday with fewer people, lower temperatures, and shorter waiting times at popular attractions.

Vrbo encourages its hosts to highlight the amenities that are most appealing during off-season. For example, a hot tub might be more inviting during the cold weather or an in-home theater might make a great place for families to gather and watch sports. In addition, highlighting the fact that a rental is pet-friendly or offers free Wi-Fi can also help attract potential travelers during the off-season.

While vacation rental prices are cheaper in the off-season for some travelers, they may have to pay higher airfare costs. Some frugal travelers may want to book a longer vacation to help offset this. This will allow them to save money on accommodations and reduce the number of trips they have to take.

Frugal travelers might also try to negotiate Vrbo’s vacation rental rates, as they are sometimes negotiable. This is especially true for last-minute bookings, when homeowners will often make a deal rather than let their property sit empty. In addition, a few credit cards offer travel statement credits that encompass various types of travel expenditures, including Vrbo rentals. This is an easy way to save money and earn rewards that can be applied towards future vacations.


Whether you’re looking for a short-term vacation rental or a place to lay down temporary roots while working remotely, Vrbo makes it easy to find accommodations that fit your needs. Unlike hotels, Vrbo listings feature actual homes that are owned by individuals. The site is cheaper than hotels in many places and offers a variety of amenities. It also has an app that allows you to create trip boards and compare bookings, making planning your getaway easy.

Many Vrbo hosts provide discounts for longer stays. Whether it’s a nightly discount for guests who want to stay a full week or a bigger discount for those wishing to book an entire month, these offers can help you increase your revenue and bookings. Just be sure to clearly state the length of the stay in your listing so there are no surprises for guests when they check-in.

As you plan your trip, use Vrbo’s app to score last-minute discounts. It’s free to download and available on both Android and iOS. You can also save your favorite properties in the app to make it easier to book them again later. You can also use the app to communicate with your host and ask questions about the property before you arrive.

If you’re looking to cancel your stay, be sure to read the cancellation policy for the home you’ve booked. Most properties have a window where you can cancel your reservation for a refund. This window can vary from one property to another.

Vrbo has a lot last-minute offers from owners who are trying to fill their vacant spaces. Because of this, it’s important to be flexible with your travel dates if you want to score the best deals.

You can attract last-minute guests as a Vrbo host by offering discounted rates for those who are flexible with their travel dates. The most effective way to do this is by tracking your market’s Remaining Demand and using a strategy that considers your market’s pricing history. You can, for example, set PriceLabs so that it automatically starts pricing reductions 14 days in advance to encourage last-minute reservations.

Discounts for Military Personnel

Those who served in the military, or who know someone who did, understand how it can change your life. That’s why many businesses across America are stepping up to help veterans and active military families enjoy some of the benefits of their sacrifice. This includes vacation rental companies, which are offering special discounts to these hard-working men and women.

Wyndham Vacation Rentals is a major player in VRBO, offering a variety discounts to military personnel and their families. These discounts can save military travellers up to 25% depending on the location of their accommodation and its availability. These discounts are available at both beach and ski destinations, and can include everything from condos on the beach to homes in prominent mountain towns like Park City, Utah or Vail, Colorado.

Twiddy & Company offers military families discounted rental homes on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. These discounts are available to service members and their immediate family, and can be negotiated through the company’s booking website. These discounts are only available to those with a valid military identification.

Airbnb, the biggest name in the online home-sharing industry, does not offer a company-wide military discount. However, individual hosts have the discretion to set their own military-friendly rates on their listing pages. This allows them to attract this highly desirable customer base while fostering an ethos of appreciation and support for the military community.

Be sure to clearly state the rate in your listing. Be sure to state that the rate is only for active duty military, veterans, or military families. This will help to ensure that all customers understand what they’re getting and avoid any confusion.

A Vrbo military offer can not only attract military customers but also encourage loyalty among them. This can lead to repeat business and valuable recommendations, which can help grow your business.

Discounts on Multiple Stays

Vrbo has a wide range of vacation rental homes, from luxury beach houses to houseboats in secluded areas. The company allows customers to search for properties based on their preferences, and create vision boards to compare options. The company also offers discounts for multiple stays at one property, as well as special deals on new listings.

VRBO vacation rental cancellation policies vary from host to host. However, most VRBO hosts offer a 14 day window for cancellation. Some hosts charge a booking fee and require a deposit of 50%, while others don’t. The minimum stay requirements also vary depending on the season and location. You may be asked to provide your credit card number during checkout, depending on the terms of the contract.

Many hosts offer flexible cancellation and refund policies. This is especially true for last-minute reservations. Often, a polite request for a discount will be met with success. In most cases however, travelers will be expected to pay the full amount at the time of booking.

VRBO, like Airbnb, allows users to negotiate pricing and availability with hosts. The company also offers a feature which allows travelers to book a house that they would not be able to access due to an emergency.

For homeowners who want to maximize their revenue, it is important to set competitive nightly rates that are based on supply and demand. This will increase the visibility of the listing, and therefore lead to more bookings. According to research by Wheelhouse, this method increases revenue by 22.6%.

You can override the base rate in your listing settings to reflect seasonal, holiday or event-related pricing. You can also adjust the minimum stay requirement throughout the year to improve your chances of appearing in searches by lowering it during low seasons.

You can also set a damage protection amount for your listing in the rates calendar, which is viewable by all potential guests during their online reservation process. This can be up to a maximum of $3,000 per reservation.

As an added benefit, VRBO displays all fees and charges upfront for travelers. This allows them to make an informed decision about the right home for their budget. The website and mobile app also offer a price search filter to help travelers narrow down their options by total cost.