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Aweber Review

Aweber makes it very easy to get started with email marketing. They have a free plan and are very transparent about their charges.

AWeber also has impressive reporting capabilities, including name of openers and clickers, web visit data and conversion and ecommerce tracking data. Segmented data makes it easy to personalize your emails.


Aweber offers a wide range of features to help you increase your email marketing performance. These include segmentation, A/B testing, and landing pages. Aweber also has a large library of creative templates. Its drag-and-drop editor makes creating and editing emails a breeze. It also allows you to create autoresponders and drip campaigns. Aweber also allows you to tag your contacts according to their behavior and demographics. This allows you to send your subscribers more relevant messages.

Its importing functionality is good and it provides multiple options for doing so, including an API for bulk uploads. It offers a free migration service to users who wish to switch from another email marketing platform to Aweber. It can take up to one business day to complete.

Segmentation allows you to group your email subscribers based on a variety of criteria, including custom tags, clicks, purchases and website visits. You can then use these segments to send targeted emails and track their performance. In addition, you can also use web push notifications to send messages to your subscribers even when they aren’t using your app or website.

Some users complain that the platform’s reporting tools are not accurate and lack advanced analytics. Some users also find the interface to be outdated and confusing. This can make it difficult for them to navigate without help from a customer service agent.

In addition to standard campaign-based metrics like open and click rates, Aweber also tracks subscriber-based metrics, such as their location, device, and shopping behavior. Its reports also provide a snapshot of the overall data and data trends over time.

Aweber offers a free basic plan and a variety of other plans. These include increased email sends, subscribers, personal account administration, advanced landing pages, a template library and automation. Its most expensive plan costs $899/month and includes unlimited email sends, subscribers, lists, landing pages, automation, and more. It also comes with low transaction fees and sales tracking. The company also offers a 19% discount if you sign up for a year or quarter after the free plan expires.


Aweber, one of the oldest email platforms in the industry, offers a comprehensive suite of automation tools for a reasonable price. It also has a Smart Designer and an integration with Canva to make it easy for non-designers to create emails and landing pages. It’s one of the few email providers (ESPs), which offers AMP support. This makes it easier to send mobile-friendly interactive emails.

The free Aweber plan allows you to use most of the platform’s features with a list up to 500 subscribers. You will have to accept advertisements in your emails and you won’t be able use all the features of the platform. You’ll have to upgrade to the paid plan if you want to access all features.

Aweber, like many other email marketing platforms that are popular, allows you to tag your subscribers and send them targeted email series based upon their actions. This, along with proper segmentation, personalization and optimization, can help increase open rates and Click-through rates. However, the tool lacks the ability to use if/then conditions like those found in competitors such as Mailmodo and Mailerite.

Aweber doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses. This means that your deliverability may be affected if another user on the same IP uses the system to spam. This can be overcome by implementing an anti-spam program and regularly cleaning your lists.

Aweber offers more than just email automation. It also allows you to create landing pages, integrate social media and ecommerce platforms, and collect payments through its ecommerce integrations. This allows you to sell digital and membership products directly through your website. You can also create a subscription product to earn recurring revenues.

Aweber’s ecommerce feature is easy to set up, and the platform lets you collect a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal balances and other online payment systems. It’s important to remember that you will be required to pay transaction fees for any third-party processor you choose to use.


Aweber is one of the few email marketing software platforms to offer both live web chat and telephone support, as well as an extensive knowledge base. It also offers free migration services to users who are moving from other email marketing software.

Email marketing platforms differ in their approach to spam. Aweber takes a firm stance on this and doesn’t allow its customers to use the service for the purposes of sending out spam messages. This helps to protect the platform’s good name, and in turn gives its customers a better chance that their emails will reach their recipients.

Aweber’s automation tools are another area of strength. The platform allows for simple linear sequences (aka drip campaigns). These can be triggered based on new subscribers, purchases of products, or visits to the website. Aweber also offers a number of pre-made templates to help you get started. These include Lead Magnets with a single message, mini-courses that send out a series of lessons a day apart, and sales event promotions.

Subscriber segmentation is an excellent feature that allows you to target your campaigns at specific groups. This can improve your open rates and click-throughs. You can create segments using custom tags, location information, purchase history, signup form submissions and more.

There are over 1,000 integrations and addons available to Aweber users, allowing them to connect the platform with many different third-party applications. For example, you can create a signup form that can be embedded on your website, or even a WordPress plugin to get the most out of Aweber’s WordPress integration.

Moreover, Aweber supports push notifications, which are short notifications that can be sent to your subscribers’ mobile devices. This can help you drive more clicks and sales, as your audience will be reminded of your brand at regular intervals.


Aweber is a well-established email marketing platform. It has a variety of features, including web-based forms, landing pages and autoresponders. It also has 700+ integrations with CRM, ecommerce and lead management apps. Smart Designer and its user-friendly email editor make it easy to create professional-looking e-newsletters. It also supports web fonts, in addition to standard “web safe” fonts like Times New Roman, for greater brand consistency across websites and emails. Aweber offers a good customer service team with email, phone and live chat support (available only for paid plans).

The most impressive thing about Aweber is its automation features. It is easy to set up drip campaigns that send out a series emails over time. This is a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand, and helps build customer trust by keeping them updated on the latest news. Its tagging system is another powerful tool, which allows you to group subscribers together and automate follow up emails based on specific actions or behaviors. This is particularly useful if you have multiple products or services, or want to track the performance of individual campaigns over time.

On the downside, Aweber doesn’t allow for advanced conditional logic in its workflows, meaning that it isn’t as flexible as some of its competitors. This may be a deterrent for users who need more complex marketing automation. Aweber also charges you for hosting unsubscribed contacts in your account. This is not ideal because it can negatively affect deliverability and costs.

Aweber is an excellent email marketing tool, despite its few shortcomings. Its affordable prices, extensive list of templates and helpful support options make it a great choice for beginners. If you want more advanced features, other ESPs offer better value. MailerLite offers more advanced marketing automation and a free plan with up to 1,000 contacts. This is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who are just getting started.