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Aweber is offering a free account for new small businesses. Get yours now!

Aweber Free Account is a good choice for small business owners and new email marketers looking to try out the platform without spending any money. It comes with industry-leading tools that help you create and send high-converting newsletters to your audience. There are hundreds of templates, a drag-and drop email builder and free stock photos. Aweber also offers powerful eCommerce features, which allow you to sell and promote your products and services directly from your landing pages and email newsletters.

AWeber offers a wide range of email marketing tools, including list management and email automation. It also includes contact management. You can also set up and manage an autoresponder, which automatically responds to emails from subscribers. It also comes with a calendar that allows you to schedule future email campaigns. AWeber offers a mobile application for iPhone and Android.

The platform provides flexible email opt-in options, allowing you to use either single or double opt-in. It also allows you to collect subscriber data into custom data fields, allowing you to create more targeted communications with your audiences. It also offers advanced reporting and analytics as well as signup page and email tracking reports.

While the Aweber free plan is good for beginners, it lacks some key features that can be found in other email marketing solutions. It does not offer email A/B testing, for example. The platform also charges you to host unsubscribed contacts in your account, which is something that many key competing email marketing solutions do not do. You can avoid the charge by regularly deleting unsubscribed contact.

Aweber’s price is comparable to its competitors. Aweber offers different price plans and features depending on the number subscribers in your list. Its cheapest plan is the Free plan, which comes with basic features and a maximum of 500 subscribers. You can also purchase it on an annual basis. This will save you a lot over time. The Pro and Unlimited plans are its other two pricing options. The Pro plan comes with a fixed price per month and unlimited emails. The Unlimited plan is priced on an annual basis and comes with personalized account management.


Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to reach your customers. Aweber, a leading platform for email marketing, helps you automate and create your email campaigns. The service offers a plan that is free for up to 500 subscribers. Its paid plans allow you to customize your branding and increase your subscriber count. Aweber provides detailed reports and analytics that will help you optimize your campaign.

Aweber Free Accounts are a great choice for small businesses or new marketers who want to get started with email automation. Its easy-to-use automation builder allows you to create an automated campaign, including a welcome series that automatically sends emails to your new subscribers and a blogger series that offers different content over a set of email messages. The free version does however not allow you track subscriber activity, or personalize emails. Its limited features also do not include automated delivery times.

Aweber’s pricing is based not on the number subscribers, but on the number of subscribers on your list. This can be more expensive if you have a rapidly growing list. Aweber offers several payment options including quarterly and annual plans that can save you money.

Aweber’s premium plans offer advanced features and integration with other software, making them an excellent choice for large businesses. The Pro/Paid Plan includes features like split testing, custom automated, advanced user tagging, and powerful analytics reports. You can also add your company branding to your email template. Its features for eCommerce are limited in the free plan, but it charges a 1% transaction cost on each sale you make through your email.

Aweber’s pricing tiers are similar to those of other email marketing services. As you progress through the tiers you gain access to more features. The Free plan limits the number subscribers you can have on your list but still allows you to use basic automation, basic tagging and signup forms. Aweber can be integrated with your WordPress blog and existing website to increase brand awareness.


Aweber Free Account is an easy-to use email marketing solution. It includes a variety of templates for emails, newsletters and eCommerce functionality. Its sign-up pages improve lead conversion and its landing and sale pages help you sell and promote your products online.

Its robust analytics and reporting functionality gives you a clear overview of your subscriber data. Its segmentation features let you create groups based on the contents of any field in your database. You can also set up segments based on user behavior, such as emails opened and web page visits. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for users looking to do more with their list than just send out broadcasts.

Its free plan comes with some limitations. It only allows you to send 3,000 emails a month and has a limit of 500 subscribers, which is not enough for many smaller businesses. In addition, you have to always remove (manually) contacts who unsubscribe from your list, or else you will be charged for keeping them in your database. This is not as generous an approach as other solutions like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.

If you need to cancel your account online, you can. Log in to your account, then navigate to the billing section. Then, click “Change my plan” and follow the prompts. You’ll have to provide a reason for your cancellation and decline a retention offer, but you can rest assured that Aweber has excellent customer support, which is evident by its Stevie award for customer service.

The company’s in-house customer solutions are available 24/7. You can also request a refund of any subscription fees that you have not used. You can also try the 30-day free trial. If you want to extend it, you can do so. This is a good way to test the software and see if it suits your business.


Aweber is integrated with a wide range of popular apps, making it easy to move contact information between web apps. It saves time and effort by allowing you to move data between platforms. You can also organize your contacts list the way you want. You can also import contacts from different sources to grow your list faster.

You need a tool, whether you’re an online entrepreneur or a blogger, to manage your business and build your audience. The Aweber Free Account is a good option for small businesses, as it provides all the features you need to get started. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and maintain a professional email campaign. You can create an unlimited number of lists, add custom fields, and use a variety of signup forms. It also comes with powerful email marketing tools that will help build your audience and run an effective business.

Aweber’s ecommerce integrations are another great feature. It can integrate with popular payment portals such as PayPal and Stripe to let you track sales and automate marketing. You can use email automation to send targeted messages based on subscriber interests and behavior. Its ecommerce functionality also allows you to tag customers based on their purchases, which will help you segment your contact list and target them with killer campaigns.

It is also integrated with social media, allowing you to share links and content with your followers. Moreover, it has a variety of email templates and is mobile-friendly, so you can send emails from anywhere. You can also add personal messages to your emails. Moreover, it has a built-in email verification service, QuickEmailVerification, which allows you to verify and clean your mailing lists in just a few clicks.

Lastly, Aweber is integrated with popular landing page builders, such as Unbounce. This makes it easy to create and test your landing pages in order to increase conversion rates. This integration allows you to send subscribers directly from your landing page to Aweber.