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Voluum Discounts and Special Offers

Whether you’re a newbie affiliate marketer or a seasoned pro, has discounts and special offers that will help you save money and increase your income. The site includes mobile apps, an affiliate academy, real time data processing, traffic distribution AI, and other features.

Affiliate Academy

Using a top of the line affiliate marketing software is important for a successful campaign. It will increase your conversion rate, and boost sales. This is especially true for newbies. Software is not all created equal.

Voluum is an ad tracking tool and analytics tool that allows to optimize your advertising campaigns for maximum impact. It also lets you make the most of your ad budget. You can also track the performance of your competitors.

Voluum offers three service plans. The Grow plan includes unlimited campaigns and $200 in zeropark traffic. The Grow plan includes a month of affLIFT membership for free.

Voluum’s anti-fraud kit helps to detect suspicious traffic. Its trend analysis tool lets you know which ads are performing well, which ones are losing out and which ones are still relevant. You can also monitor the performance of your ads to see how they perform against your competitors. Its scalable pricing plans allow you to scale up or down depending on your needs.

Voluum also boasts an easy to use interface, making it easy for even the most inexperienced of advertisers. The best part is that the software integrates with multiple traffic sources.

The Voluum is an excellent tool for tracking affiliates and providing analytics. It allows you to track all of your advertising campaigns, including Google Ads. It’s also a great way to find the most profitable products to promote.

Traffic Distribution AI

Whether you are looking to optimize your landing pages, generate reports, or set up an affiliate network, Discounts and Special Offers – Traffic Distribution AI can help you do it. The software can analyze traffic and determine the most profitable combinations.

Voluum, a cloud-based ad tracking system, works with more than 30 ad platforms. It uses a proprietary database that processes a massive volume of real-time data requests. It is also able to adapt quickly to the size and growth of your data.

Voluum comes with an anti-fraud tool that scans for bots, suspicious visitors, and other problems. It can also help you set up alerts to keep you on top of your campaign’s performance.

Voluum’s AI-powered Traffic Distribution AI helps you distribute traffic to the offers with the highest conversion rates. This feature can help you achieve your sales goals quicker. Whether you’re testing multiple offers or looking to optimize your entire campaign, Voluum’s AI can help you find the best combinations.

Voluum offers many other optimization tools in-house, including Traffic Distribution AI. Voluum Automizer is a built-in automation feature that lets you set rules to automatically launch predefined actions when a certain condition is met.

Voluum also offers Organic Traffic Tracking. It can track people coming from search engines and other web pages.

Voluum’s Automizer feature allows you to set custom rules, and it supports whitelists, blacklists, and other traffic sources. Voluum can also send traffic directly to a page based upon visitor preferences.

Mobile app

Whether you are looking for a new affiliate tracking solution, or you want to make your current solution more efficient, Mobile app discounts and special offers might be what you’re looking for. This tool offers all the features that you need to optimize and monitor your campaigns. It integrates with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many other ad networks. Mobile App Discounts and Special Offers are the best because it is so user-friendly. The platform is designed with a clear and intuitive layout, and it’s easy to set up and track your campaigns.

To track visitor activity, the platform uses cookies and non-cookie technologies. These cookies can also be used to personalize ad content and improve the user experience.

Voluum offers an “Optimization Calculator,” which uses a statistical approach to determine the best ways to boost campaign performance. You can also track your Voluum actions backwards with the “Event Log” feature. Voluum also offers a Referral Program for users so that you can get more visitors to your site.

Voluum also offers a loyalty program, so you can exchange points for rewards. Voluum has more than 30 metrics to track your campaigns, and it allows you to filter out known bots and non-human activity from your reports.

Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security on the Voluum platform. This involves a password and a code from your mobile device.

Real-time data processing

Voluum makes it easy to manage your digital marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively. Its in-house database technology allows for real-time data processing. You can also integrate Voluum with popular digital marketing tools. Voluum provides extensive documentation, self-help tools, and educational resources.

Voluum has many features, including automated features and organic traffic tracking. Voluum also offers affiliate analytics tools. These tools are powered with machine learning and can help you optimize your campaigns in order to achieve your performance goals.

Voluum also has an in-house database technology, which allows it to process massive volumes of real-time data requests quickly. In fact, it tracks over 500 million ad events every day. It also has a robust change log, which allows you to track all the changes made in your Voluum account. It also has a custom variable feature, which allows you to pass arguments from your traffic source.

Voluum can accept two types of ads. There are those that are text-based and those that are graphical. Generally speaking, the text-based ads are native ads.

Voluum’s real time data processing allows you to find your target audience and target ads accordingly. It can also flag suspicious traffic and detect human activity. You can also use Voluum’s bot-filtering feature to filter out known bots from reports. It also has a postback feature, which allows you to send traffic to a certain endpoint.

IP/UA filtering makes it easy to create campaigns quickly and without the need to manually set up tracking codes. You can add networks and sources to the platform, manage your campaigns, and set up custom filtering rules. Automation features make it easier to save time.

You can filter unwanted traffic using IP/UA filtering. This allows you to block certain IP addresses or ranges from your campaigns. This can prevent your money going to unapproved sources. The platform also allows you to exclude non-converting zones.

The platform also uses a bot-filtering feature, which helps you prevent unwanted clicks from bots. It uses Pixalate to identify IP addresses and known data centers. It can also detect invalid visitors.

Bulk Actions allows you to bulk modify your offers. You can also upload up 250 entities at once. This is a time-saving feature, which allows you to customize your campaigns without having to edit each landing page individually.

Another cool feature is the Voluum Tracker, which is integrated with the Voluum DSP. This integration allows you to optimize your campaigns and get an overview of how your traffic is performing. It also allows you to track campaigns from slow connections. It also provides notifications and alerts.

Its anti-fraud tool can detect fake conversions and stop bots clicking on your offers. It also provides support and a social media community. It can be used anywhere.

Conversion cap is a fully-featured affiliate marketing platform. It also offers some great discounts and special offers, making it an attractive choice. For example, Voluum offers a 25 percent discount if you pay for an annual subscription.

Voluum also offers a month of affLIFT free membership. The Voluum interface is easy to use, making it ideal for those without technical experience. It is also simple to navigate for advertising professionals.

Voluum integrates with 50+ affiliate networks. In addition, Voluum supports direct tracking scripts. It also tracks paid traffic without redirects.

Voluum also offers a conversion cap feature, which allows users to limit daily conversions. If a visitor exceeds the limit, Voluum redirects the visitor to another offer. Voluum monitors over 30 metrics. It also offers push notifications and reports. It can also be used from anywhere.

Users can also add custom domains to track events. Users will need to add a landingpage component to their campaign. Alternately, users can use a Server to Server (S2S), Postback URL. This is the most secure way to transmit conversion information.

You can also add custom variables that pass arguments to the traffic source. These variables are configured according to the requirements of the traffic source.

Voluum also provides automatic redirection. This means that visitors who are redirected to a page are automatically directed to the landing page. This makes it easier for marketers to optimize their landing pages.