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CougarPlay Review

Cougar Play is an app that connects older men and younger women. It has received positive reviews from users and is free to download. It can also be purchased for a monthly subscription.

CougarPlay’s Terms of Service should be carefully read to avoid scams. They make it clear there are no real-life meetings allowed.


Cougar Play is an app that connects older men and younger women. Its features include a customizable account, photo uploading and message sending. It also allows users to add each other to their favorite list and block other users. Some users have complained, however, that the app contains many fake profiles. It is important to read Cougar Play’s terms and conditions before using the service.

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If you’re looking for an online dating site that caters to older women and younger men, Cougar Play is a great option. The app is available for free and has a 4-star rating in the App Store and Google Play. You can use the app to chat with other users and browse profiles. The website also has a number of games and other features to help you connect with potential matches. It can be costly to play the game on a regular basis, especially if your goal is to win. You’ll have to pay extra for boosters and cards. In addition, you may have to pay for entry fees to compete in certain tournaments. You should carefully read the terms of service to understand the costs.

The website is not a scam in itself, but it does become a scam when users are tricked into buying coins, thinking that these will help them arrange real-life meetings with hot cougars.


Cougar Play is a dating app that connects older women and younger men. It has received mixed reviews from users. Some have reported that the app is a scam, while others have found it to be a fun and flirty way to meet new people. It is important to carefully read the terms and condition before joining the website. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. You should be aware, for example, that the app could contain fake chat members or that real-life meeting are not possible.


Cougar Play is a fun and flirty dating app for older women and younger men. It is available for free download on both Google Play and the App Store. Its unique concept and features make it an excellent choice for older women who are looking for a younger man.

The app is not without faults. Cougar Play is not a scam, but it can be misleading. Many users are tricked by the promise of coins that will help them arrange sexual encounters. But in reality, these conversations are fake and no real-life meetings will ever take place.