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TradingView Review

TradingView is the most popular charting platform in the world and a social network for traders. The platform has a high user rating and a wealth of educational resources. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Traders have the option to customize charts using a variety technical indicators and drawing tools. They can also use a built-in scripting language called Pine to create custom studies and strategies.

User-friendly interface

TradingView is an easy-to-use charting and analytical platform that supports a wide range of asset classes, including stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, commodities and forex. It has a large collection of technical indicators and a variety of drawing tools. There is also a social community for traders to share their trade ideas. The app is available for both desktop and mobile devices. The app’s high rating in the Apple App Store indicates that users like its ease of use and features.

In addition to a wide variety of charts, TradingView allows users to customize their interface by displaying the information they want most prominently. It also includes a built-in Pine script programming language for creating custom trading indicators. This feature makes TradingView a great choice for advanced traders who can code their own trading systems.

TradingView also has an integrated screener for stocks, FX and crypto that allows users sort securities according to different criteria. This can help them find trading opportunities more quickly. Traders can set up alerts on the server to stay informed about price movements and identify trends.

Whether you’re an amateur trader or a seasoned pro, TradingView can improve your overall performance. You can use its intuitive charting tools and robust market data to create your own trading strategy, regardless of your skill level. It’s completely free to try out! The free version of the TradingView app comes with a limited number of features, while the paid plans come with unlimited access to the software. The monthly or annual plans include a free 30-day trial.

Detailed market data

TradingView, the world’s largest charting platform for traders and social network, has over 50 million users. The site offers real-time data on over 150 exchanges in the world, as well as a range of technical analysis tools. It also offers fundamental data, stock screening, and backtesting. Traders can also connect with brokers to execute trades directly from the platform.

The site’s library of indicators includes everything from simple options like moving averages and MACD to more complex ones such as the Ichimoku cloud and Fibonacci retracements. These indicators can be added in just a few clicks to charts. Traders can also access a wide range of technical filters and candlestick patterns to help identify price trends.

Another useful feature is the site’s advanced Technical Ratings tool, which combines multiple indicators such as the Ichimoku Cloud and RSI to generate ratings that show probable trades. This tool can be a great addition to a trader’s research. However, traders should always use this in conjunction with other techniques of analysis.

TradingView also offers a wide variety of drawing tools, making it easy to create and edit chart templates. These can include volume-based Renko and Kagi charts, as well as the traditional line and bar graphs. The site has a variety of technical indicators, such as MACD, RSI, and moving averages.

The site has a strong community of traders who are experienced and can offer advice and guidance. It also offers a number features to help new traders understand the nuances of trading. These include risk management and trading style. These skills are often ignored, but can make a difference between profit and loss.

Social interaction

There are many websites that offer stock charts for free, but most of them limit what you can do and are riddled with ads. TradingView is different. Its slick website is easy to use and functions like a desktop program. It doesn’t require a plugin and runs on any browser. It is also ad-free, and has a social community. There are also plenty of options for customizing and displaying data.

The heart of TradingView’s social aspect is the Trading Ideas feature, where traders share strategies and analysis with a global audience. Users can follow and comment on other users’ content, creating a collaborative learning environment.

Traders love posting their trade setups to the community, and TradingView makes it easy for them to do so. This feature is especially useful for new traders who can get tips and inspiration from experienced traders. Besides, it can help them identify trends and avoid bad habits.

TradingView’s user-created educational material, which includes interactive charts, is another great feature. This is a great way to learn how to use charts without spending a lot of money on expensive software.

TradingView has a wide range of advanced charting tools and provides global market data coverage. This allows traders of all levels to analyze markets and make informed decision. Founded in 2011 by Stan Bokov, Denis Globa and Constantin Ivanov, TradingView has become a leading online financial market analysis platform. It provides a wide range of advanced technical indicator, drawing tools, and customizable charts. It also facilitates collaboration among traders from around the world. Traders can use the platform on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Enjoy ad-free experience

TradingView is a powerful stock analysis and charting platform that allows users to keep track of multiple assets in one place, with real-time data and ideas from fellow traders. It also supports the creation of custom indicators and systems, as well as a comprehensive library of free charts for every type of asset. Its cloud sync feature lets users access their charts and watchlist on any device, while its social community makes it easy to find insights and trade ideas.

The platform offers customizable alerts that are based on technical indicators and specific price levels, as well as other events. These alerts can be sent to users via PUSH notifications, email-to-SMS, visual popups and audio signals. Using the Pine Script language, traders can create their own custom alerts, indicators and strategies.

Users can scan markets using fundamental data such as income statements, balance sheet, cash flow metrics, and statistics. The platform includes a stock heatmap to help traders identify the biggest winners and losers over a certain time period.

While TradingView has a lot to offer, some users have noted issues with customer support. Some of them have experienced delays in resolving their questions or problems, which could affect their overall experience with the platform. Furthermore, the platform isn’t a standalone trading application, meaning that it requires a separate broker’s platform for actual trading. It has a free trial mode which allows you to test the platform without having to sign up for a subscription. It’s important to remember that the free trial has a limited period of time, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

40 active server-side alerts

Traders can set alerts for prices, indicators, or custom drawings. They will receive notifications when their criteria is met. These can be in the form of visual pop-ups, audio signals, email alerts, email-to-SMS alerts, PUSH notifications or webhook alerts. Users can also customize alert settings based upon trading strategy conditions. This will ensure that they are notified when a trade is made.

The platform offers different subscription plans that can be tailored to fit different budgets and requirements. The free version allows new traders to test out the software before deciding if it suits them. Paid plans, such as Pro and Pro+, offer advanced features like unlimited chart layouts and customizable options. Premium is the top tier, which offers first priority support, unlimited chart layouts, and additional data exports.

TradingView offers an extensive database of fundamental data and worldwide exchange coverage. It has over 50 exchanges and supports more than 30 languages. Moreover, it has a variety of features for traders to improve their performance and increase their profits. This includes advanced analysis, Pinescript programming language and customized indicators.

Another benefit of TradingView is its ‘paper trading’ feature, which allows users to indulge in virtual trading without risking any money. This feature enables them to learn the ropes of trading by practicing their strategies in a safe environment before investing real funds.

Although TradingView has an impressive range of features, it does have its downsides. The company’s customer service department received bad reviews on Trustpilot and has a slow response rate. The platform does not offer direct integration with brokers. This could be a disadvantage for some traders.