How to Find Expedia Cruise Deals

Expedia has the best cruise deals. This online travel agency has everything from luxurious, no-expense spared trips to affordable river cruising.

Expedia allows you to search quickly by destination, departure date and cruise line. Plus, they offer extras like onboard credit for some cruises.

Getting Started

Book early if you plan to cruise during a particular season or route. Popular destinations and routes tend to fill up quickly, especially if you want your choice of cabin. Cruises are often cheaper during the summer or school holidays. It’s also worth checking for introductory rates and other promotions that can save you money or provide bonus rewards.

Booking online has a number advantages over booking through a cruise company. You can also get more information on specific sailings or fares before making a final decision. Some offer perks like onboard credit or shipboard dining discounts that aren’t available at the cruise line website.

One of the most popular online travel agencies for cruises is Expedia. It offers a wide range of cruises, other travel products and its own loyalty program. Expedia Rewards points can be earned on all bookings. The higher the tier, the more frequent the earning opportunities. The company claims it invests $850 million each year to improve its technology, which is why it describes itself as “a tech company that does travel.”

Bonuses can make a huge difference, even though the base price is usually the same. These can include onboard credit, free specialty meals, cash back, or bonus airline mileage. If you can’t find a deal on the cruise you want, try searching for a similar itinerary with a different online travel agency or using a travel search engine.

Another way to get a better deal is to book a cruise with an airline that partners with Expedia. If you book your flight and cruise together, you can earn twice as many points. However, you may not receive the elite benefits that the airline offers.

Many people recommend booking a cruise with a travel agent, particularly if it’s your first time or you have specific requirements. This is true in general, but it depends on your familiarity with the destination or cruise line and how flexible you are about dates and other factors. Booking online is often cheaper if you are a seasoned cruiser who has a good idea of what type of sailing you want and which cabin you prefer.

Finding a Deal

Most booking websites offer similar cruise rates, but some have unique features that set them apart. For instance, some offer onboard credit promotions that can make the difference when it comes to choosing a particular cruise. Some cruises offer reduced or free airfare to those who book them, while others have a phone number where you can speak with a live agent about any questions you may have.

Avoya is a site that takes a unique approach to finding the best cruise deals. Instead of relying on its own staff, Avoya partners with an extensive network of independent travel agencies. It is able to offer the largest selection of cruises, cruise packages and cruises from any website. This is why it is one of the best cruise booking websites for finding great deals.

Tripadvisor is another great website to find cruise deals. It allows you to compare prices from many different trips in one place. Tripadvisor not only gives you a good overview of price differences but also breaks down each itinerary, letting you know which include extras such as onboard credit or prepaid gratuities. It will also tell how far in advance a trip departs. This is important because Wave Season dates are usually only three months to one year away.

Often, the biggest differences in pricing are in the inclusions and upgrades. For example, a seven-night Alaska trip on Royal Caribbean International’s Radiance of the Seas starts at $365 with Tripadvisor, but that same cruise is listed for $700 when you go to Expedia. This is why it is always worth checking multiple sites to see what they are charging.

Expedia is a leader in online travel, and it’s a great place to search for cruise deals. It’s interface is a little clunky but the results are comprehensive. You can also chat with a travel expert in real-time to book your perfect cruise.

Booking a Cruise

Many people are interested in a cruise vacation due to the increasing popularity of the travel. There are many resources to help you plan a trip, including ship tours on YouTube or Reddit forums. However, some travelers prefer to have a professional book their trip. There are several websites that specialize in booking cruises and can often offer better rates than what the cruise lines publish directly.

One of the largest travel sites, Expedia, makes it easy to search multiple cruise lines and destinations at once, making it a great choice for those who have an idea of what they want. In addition, Expedia offers other vacation options like flights and hotels, allowing users to bundle their travel plans into one, less stressful booking.

Another option is CruiseDirect, a website that focuses solely on cruises. This site offers a search engine that allows you to browse by cruise line or destination. It also offers extras such as onboard credit, special dinners, and money back. It also allows you to set a “hold” on your reservation for up to 24 hours and has a CruiseDirect 100% Guarantee, meaning they will match any lower price found online within a day of booking.

Expedia’s buying power with the cruise lines and land suppliers allows it to earn some of the highest supplier commissions in the industry, up to 18% for both land and cruise packages. This is also why Expedia can usually offer perks not offered by the cruise lines directly.

The site also gives its customers access to the cruise line’s online planning portal, allowing them to book shore excursions and other onboard activities in advance. This is particularly useful for those who are unsure about their itinerary and want to be able to book the activities they know they will enjoy.

Additionally, the site provides a variety of payment plans for its customers. They can choose to pay for their entire cruise upfront or use a service like Affirm that allows them to spread the cost of their trip into monthly payments. Expedia also allows customers to purchase additional cruise benefits on the site, such as beverage or shore excursion credit.

Onboard Experience

Expedia is a huge travel booking website that has become one of the best places to find cruise deals. The company’s buying power gives it tremendous leverage in negotiating terms with cruise lines, and they often offer lower prices than direct bookings. The online site also allows travelers to book airfare and pre-cruise hotel accommodations, ensuring that all aspects of the trip are in one place.

Expedia’s Cruise Deals page has a number of different offers that travelers can take advantage of, including things like onboard credit and free cabin upgrades. The site features a search feature that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. It is also possible to browse activities at each port, which can be useful for first-time cruisers.

You should consider booking a cruise during shoulder season if you plan to book with Expedia. Booking a cruise in the fall or spring can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re booking during the summer peak months. Another option is to select a shorter duration or a non-traditional departure date.

While some cruise lines offer their own tours, Expedia’s Things To Do feature allows travelers to book them at a discounted rate. There are many options on the site, from museums to outdoor activities. Expedia allows travelers to reserve excursions in advance. This is useful if you are traveling with a large group of people who have different interests.

The Expedia Group owns a number of other travel-related websites, including Travelocity and Orbitz. Both sites allow you to book cruises and are similar in the fact that they do not charge additional booking fees. Orbitz also offers a price guarantee, though it isn’t as strong as some other travel sites’ policies.

Compare prices with other direct booking sites when searching for cruises on these two websites to make sure you get the best value for your money. If you plan to purchase additional add-ons such as flights or hotels, booking them through other sites may be more cost effective.