Choice Privileges Review

As a member of Choice Privileges, you can earn free stays and other rewards. The program offers a lowest-price guarantee and premium amenities on-site.

Redeeming a free night is simple. You can filter your results using the tools to the left. You can choose the property name, the star rating, the neighborhood and the amenities.


One free night is available to those who have achieved Silver status through booking 10 to 29 nights during their membership year. Members also get priority phone service and early access to sales. They can also enjoy a no-hassle guarantee and receive early access for promotions. They can also earn bonus points for writing a review about their stay in exchange for a coupon code to redeem a free night.

When searching for hotels, members can use the tools on the top of the search page to reorder their results. Members can filter their results based on star rating, guest reviews, amenities, property types, and popular locations. Each result shows a price per room, including all taxes and fees. Clicking the hotel name will reveal more information about the property.

Members can also look for properties that offer a member price, which is a discount off of the normal rate. However, it is important to note that these rates are not available everywhere. Members cannot book more expensive stays by combining multiple free nights.


If you don’t travel often enough to earn Silver Rewards and don’t stay in VIP Properties (which are clearly shown on the Hotels.com website), then you’ll probably find it hard to make the program worth joining for anything other than the free nights. Gold Rewards can be earned with 30 stays in a calendar year. It includes all the benefits of Silver, plus room upgrades, breakfast vouchers and spa vouchers, priority check-in, and airport transfers.

To qualify for the free night, you must book the reservation personally through the hotel website or program line and include your member number at checkout. At check-in, you must also show a government-issued ID with a photo. You cannot use a credit card or other type of payment to pay for the reservation. Reward nights are not commissionable to travel agents. Your Choice Privileges Account will be credited with Bonus Points and Property Gifts only after your stay has been completed.

Redeeming a free night

The value of a free night can be extremely valuable for those who travel frequently and who book with Hotels.com. Hotels.com’s loyalty program offers a different approach. While other programs may require members to reach a certain dollar amount to get a free stay, the Hotels.com plan allows members to redeem their free night based upon the average price of ten stays. This is an excellent way to provide value to customers and travelers and can make the program a more attractive option than others. Additionally, if the hotel you want to stay at is more expensive than the value of your free night, you can still use it and pay the difference. This is an excellent feature that most other reward programs do not offer.